tuesday’s activity

tuesday’s activity

Would you give a lion a haircut? A fine motor skills activity that helps children work on their grasping and pinching, as well as duel handed cordination!


  • a thick marker
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cardboard
  • colored construction paper
  • a handful of clothespins

I started by drawing my lion head outline on the cardboard and then proceeded to cut them out. I found it easier to use an exacto knife (by exacto I mean hubby’s pocket knife) to trace the outline first and then cut it out with the scissors. Then from the construction paper I cut out some of the extra details; ie- the forehead, cheeks and inner ears. Glued those onto the lion head, drew on the eyes, mouth and nose; then added some freckles to the cheeks! And that was it!

Handed them off to the kiddos and let them have at it! It was frustrating for some, but by the end they were all grasping and pinching those clothespins like pro’s!

She’s Here! The Before and After

She’s Here! The Before and After

41 and 5, the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Poppy were a roller coaster to say the least. By 37 weeks i was 2 centimeters dilated and was having contractions that ranged from 10 to 5 minutes apart. By 39 i was 3 centimeters, but baby girl stayed snug floating high even though i was a little over 70% effaced! Needless to say i was extremely anxious during this time, there was a lot going on for us. Not just because we were adding another member to our family but because Josh and I weren’t able to work as much as we had hoped. I started my maternity leave a week before i had planned to and then baby girl decided to wait another week and a half to come! This cut my time with her at home short but during this time i have seen God move in so many ways and let Him work on me and change me into the mother that i need to be for two. Josh and i were blessed by so many, we were taken out to lunch and dinner multiple times (praise Him that i didn’t have to cook our kitchen gets crazy hot) people bought us groceries, literally filling our fridge with food. Teddy spent time with his Grandma and Lolo, letting me get as much rest as i could get, they even did our laundry that had long been neglected because i didn’t want to walk up and down our stairs! I learned that i do have a group of people, i have a tribe and that’s something that i never thought that i’d have! Even though anxiety likes to tell me other wise, i now know that there are others who want to know that i’m doing well. I’ve learned in these last few weeks that its okay to say yes to help and to say yes to receiving blessings from others, i always want to be the one that helps and doesn’t need anything in return but the truth is that’s not possible! I am human too!

Moving onto Poppy! Labor with her was much easier than it was with Teddy, i labored over 28 hours with him! Labor with Poppy lasted just a bit over 8 hours. At 41 weeks my doctor scheduled for the induction for the evening of July 30th at 8 pm in hopes for me to labor through the night and have the baby by morning. [which doesn’t make much sense to me?? why have someone go through a sleepless night in pain to have a baby (that doesn’t really sleep) in their arms the next morning?!] i was 41 and 4 when we came to the hospital to have our sweet baby girl and to be honest it felt very strange to go to the hospital knowing that soon we’d have our baby. I was disappointed at first that i didn’t go into labor naturally, but whats important is that she’s here and she’s safe and she’s healthy. I was put on pitocin at 9 pm and labored with very little pain until 1 am, my cervix was checked there was very little change and then it felt like i was hit by a truck. By 1:30 am my contractions were stacked on top of each other, as soon as one would end another would start, i would go from sitting to standing and then back to sitting. The poor nurses continuously had to adjust Poppy’s monitor to make sure she never was in distress, at one point i had two nurses moving the monitor around my belly while i stood and swayed through contractions! At 2:30 i looked at Josh and then told my nurse that i was ready for the epidural, soon after an anesthesiologist was in the room and by 3 am i was fast asleep. I woke up at 4:30 feeling good and ready and i asked the nurse if i could be checked, she advised me that there might not be any change but since it had been 3 hours she would and to her surprise i was 10 cm and fully effaced! GAME TIME i thought to myself, the nurse called my doctor who was 20 minutes away. During this time my water hadn’t broken yet and they wanted to wait until the doctor was there just in case but life had other plans. I was given some juice by my request to help wake me up a bit and of all things i coughed and burst my water! (my first thought was that peed myself) I started laughing because it was so funny to me that that was the way my water broke, of all the possible ways it was because i choked on some juice. My doctor walked in at 5, sat down at 5:08 (thanks hubby for the time stamp!) and she was her at 5:15! Besides finally getting to hear my baby’s cry the next best thing that i heard that morning was my sweet nurse telling me that i made labor look easy. Those words truly blessed my heart ♡



Disclaimer: I know that the things written below aren’t the truth but regardless it’s how I feel.

I feel like my body is failing me. I’ve been in labor for over a week now. Contractions every five minutes? check; are they painful you bet! Am I dilated? A whole 2 centimeters with my cervix partially softened. That was the report I received Sunday July 7th. We could have been admitted into the hospital but that would’ve most likely meant that I would’ve been induced and I know more than anything I don’t want that.

Today, FIVE WHOLE DAYS later we went back to the hospital because most of the contractions were so bad that I couldn’t stand and I received the exact same report.

Yes the contractions are stronger and lasting longer and that’s a good thing, but even after five days of struggle there has been no change. It’s so disheartening to hear, and it’s so hard not to blame myself for it. What am I not doing? I thought I was doing this right, I know more this time around.. right?

I know that I’ve learned a lot this pregnancy, and have grown what I hope is a lot too.

Spending hours a day having some awful contractions only to have them disappear for a short time and start right back up again I’m at the point where I’m just done emotionally, mentally and physically.

I know my body is working hard for us to meet our little girl, God’s working miracles through it too. I just need rest and to actually rest not just to sit for a minute. I’m thankful tomorrow’s Saturday. I’m thankful for grandparents too because I don’t know what would have happened this week if our Bear was with us too; even though we miss him something awful it’s nice to just focus on one thing.

Come and get us baby girl but in God’s perfect timing ♡

And this is where you sat.

And this is where you sat.

If there’s one thing that I’ll always vividly remember about my father it would be where he sat for 6 am prayer at our church.

Under the second window on the Walgreens side over looking the parking lot..

The bellowing shout of “GOOD MORNING JESUS!” filled us all as we left around 7 to start our work day and he would start his by carrying the church’s treasure box of yet to be answered prayers back into his little room; waiting for the next person to walk in who needed a little prayer, a little comfort or just someone to listen.

For my dad it was never about the quantity of time that he had with a person it was always about the quality, he made sure that the person felt heard, was valued and above all that God loved them.

I didn’t get the quantity of time that I would have loved to have had with my father. He died when I was 13 and I had only gotten about ten short years with him and maybe 8 of them I remember. But the quality of those ten years, even though there were times where I thought they lacked, where everything a little girl could have ever asked for.

For everything that my father was he was the man that I needed him to be all the way until the end. April will mark ten years, so much has changed and how I want to say so much he has missed but I know that’s not true because he’s in that great cloud of witnesses and has seen me ever step of the way and will be there when my time comes.

Perhaps today.

Baby Girl

Baby Girl

I’m 6 months today, and it’s strange to think that in a possible three short months we’ll be welcoming our little girl into our daily mix of love and crazy. In honor of the mark of my entrance into the third trimester i thought I’d share a bit more about this pregnancy so far

Throughout this pregnancy I’ve prayed for perfect peace, I needed it! I was so scared at the start of this pregnancy prashal to the fact that the first doctor that I saw believed I was having a miscarriage. Then there was such a long break in between even seeing a doctor, there was always room for fear to grow and spread and I felt trapped. God told me so clearly when I was first pregnant with Teddy, I heard it deep down in my soul and I believed with all of my heart, but this time the voice was so quiet I doubted that it was God. I thought it was my own voice telling me that I was.

That first doctor visit was awful, to count out that I was six weeks along but then see absolutely nothing on the screen and to be told most likely I was losing the baby was the worst thing that I could hear and on top of that to hear all of the congratulations from people I didn’t even share the news with made it even harder to accept that I might lose her. So I cried and I prayed and cried some more, then I journaled and prayed some more; I craved peace God’s peace and then He came and wiped away my tears. I’m not sure when but He did and it saved me from the deep abyss that my mind can be. Then came the good news and a good doctor’s visit with the joy of seeing our beautiful growing baby and finding out the news that we’d have our little girl (I really thought we were having another boy.. whoops!..)

Now here I am six months along feeling terrified to have a little girl for the idea that I don’t want her to have my fears and doubts, but mostly I don’t want her mind to be the deep abyss that mine can be when plagued by fears. So again I pray and these prayers are deeper than they were with Teddy’s pregnancy, filled with peace and protection, joy and strength, but most of all worth. I pray more than anything that she feels the worth that she holds even though she’s not earthside yet. We love you baby girl and can’t wait to meet the amazing blessing that you are going to be!